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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 8, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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suspicious. we're live with the new details on the heartbreaking investigation just ahead. >> plus, over the edge, a car flies right over the barricades. we'll let you know what we learned about the rescue efforts going on on twin peaks. >> and two houses in a seaside town burn to the ground. new pictures of the fire fight coming up. >> and it's going to be a comfortable fall afternoon, but it is chilly to start the day. temperatures look good, and then as we head through tomorrow still tracking some changes. showers on the way to parts of the bay area. it might surprise you who has the best chance. your full forecast coming up. >> and we've got a good chance of a backup here north 101 through san jose and there is a crash and i'm hoping there won't be a second. we'll talk you through what's going on and why it's tougher to see this car. >> a live look, this is from gillette, texas, unbelievable, an explosion causing this scene.
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this is in cairns county. a gas explosion. we'll update you on this fire going on, on this tuesday, october 8, this is "today in the bay." 6:01. good morning. thanks as always for joining us. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> that gas explosion in texas near gillette. this supposedly happened near highway 119. we're getting reports of a possible injury right now. one injury right now. this is reported by the county sheriff's department down there. first reports of this explosion came in about 4:45 central time. that injured person we're told has been transported by airtlift a nearby hospital. to give you an idea, cairns city, gillette, texas, about 50
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miles southeast of san antonio. we'll continue covering this one and bring you information but intense flames, a big structure there on fire as firefighters continue to battle this one. >> it's going to be tough to put out. one we'll continue to follow. breaking news closer to home, homicide detectives at a home in san francisco investigating the death of a baby. and they are calling iv suspicious. christie smith is outside that home, it's in the glen park neighborhood of san francisco. what are police telling you so far? >> reporter: good morning to you. there are a lot of questions about this suspicious death. what you can tell you is right now there are two san francisco police officers, they are in the downstairs unit of this home here at monterey and acadia. they have been here for several hours sort of walking around inside of the unit. securing the scene. investigators are at sf general speaking with the mom after she brought her baby to the hospital
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about with 12:30 this morning where the baby is believed to be about 7 months old, died. the medical examiner then determined that the death was suspicious. police have not said why it's suspicious, but homicide investigators were called to$ale hospital to investigate. the home here believed to be where the family stayed. we haven't seen police taking anything out but before i came on i did speak with the man who lives in the upstairs unit. he says he didn't hear anything overnight but said that two families live downstairs and the family who moved in with the little baby has only lived here for about a month or two. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> very tragic. thank you. >> we have more breaking news to tell you about this time in san francisco's twin peaks neighborhood where there are reports of a car that went right over the side of the famous twin peaks vista. our chopper now taking these
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francisco. firefighters telling us the car went over just before 4:30 this morning and ended up near the twin peaks reservoir. emergency crews say this incident sparked a small grass fire that was quickly put out. and we're not sure at this point if anybody was hurt. we did ask firefighters at the scene if the driver made it out of the car safely. all they could tell us at this point is that it's too soon to give out that information. >> san jose police investigating how a driver crashed his truck into the side of an apartment building in san jose. bob redell is live at the scene. you just talked to a man whose wife as actually woken up by the crash. >> reporter: yes. and fortunately everyone is okay, good morning to you, laura. it was a man in a roto-rooter pickup truck this morning, police believe fell asleep. he was coming down camden, you see this red car here, he hit the side of that and you can see this debris, hit a street sign. made a u-turn.
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had his foot on the gas, hit another sign, a parked car before finally going into the side of this apartment building. he banged into it pretty good, at the intersection of camden and donna not far from hillsdale. you could smell gas according to the man we spoke to. inside asleep at the time a mother and her children t man's wife and kids, first thing she did was call her husband who had left for work only a few minutes earlier. >> my wife called me, and shake up everyone inside home. >> reporter: as i mentioned they did smell gas. police told them to get out. everyone is okay including the driver. police did escort the driver away from the scene. took him in a car but he is not in custody, has not been arrested. they say he fell asleep and that this was simply an accident. reporting live in san jose, bob
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redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you. right now we want to take you down to texas, this is near san antonio. okay, we're not getting that yet. this is from aptos, santa cruz county looking at the cause of a destructive fire. look at these pictures soon after the flames broke out at about with 1:00 this morning, these were on the hills above aptos. structe destroyed. crews had to evacuate the homes within two blocks. crews were able to control this. we're happy to report nobody was hurt. >> pg&e is expected in court on the peninsula today over a natural gas pipeline shutdown due to safety concerns. that known as line 147 runs along brittan avenue. city leaders say the utility plans to ask a judge to reverse friday's court order requiring pg&e to shut down the line.
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city leaders requested the shutdown citing an eternal e-mail from a pg&e engineer raising concerns about safety. the e-mail asks, quote, are we sitting on another san bruno? end quote. utility says line 147 is safe but the city manager is hoping that the utility will have to provide proof before it's allowed to operate that line again. >> right now back to the breaking news n is down in texas, a gas explosion, we're told an oil company near the city of gillette, texas. according to mysan the oil well exploded there, at least one person has been injured and air lifted to a nearby hospital. at this point that person's condition sun known. we can tell you a focal point of where this is, gillette, texas is approximately 50 miles southeast of san antonio, this one reportedly happened, the explosion there, at about 4:45
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central time. big intense flames, lots of smoke. reportedly one of the highways  nearby has been shut down as a safety precaution. >> as the chopper gives a wider look you see all of the smoke. the cause of the explosion itself is not known as crews are trying to tackle it. it's a tough one. you see all of the thick smoke as well so one we continue to monitor. you mentioned one person transported via helicopter to a medical facility. >> you can see the smoke can be seen for miles out there and the flames still being an oil refinery there that's going to burn for a long time and make it difficult to knock this one down. >> look at the center of the screen you can see the flames as well as firefighters try to tackle that. hopefully we don't have other injuries. who knows among all of the flames and smoke. 6:08. closer to home a chilly start.
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>> invigorating, brisk way to get us jump started on this tuesday. >> help wake you up. good morning to you, jon and laura, to you at home. plenty of 50s right now. these numbers have fallen below seasonal averages when it comes to your morning low. gilroy, 43, 49 in santa cruz, 42 now so close to the upper 30s in santa rosa. and we are tracking that coastal fog, starting to move along the peninsula. the coastal mountains holding it back. but count on more patchy low clouds than what we had yesterday a. weak disturbance throughout this afternoon. that will keep your temperatures cooler. 79 degrees on the way inland. 70 degrees at the coast. i want to show you the seven-day outlook. a couple things that couldác@y affect your outdoor plans. showers, then a weekend warm-up. right now it's a traffic tuesday, mike is tracking interesting things. >> first of all, !á-ñunlike las
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week the schools that were off well, they are back. for the south bay more traffic and then this happened. you see that the red and blue lights t center divide, flashing lights, there was a truck stuck and he had run out of battery so there were no more hazard lights. chp arrived and pushed everybody to the center divide. 101 on the maps, north of that interchange, the rest of the south bay, but this is where the earlier crash was reported an this stall and fender-bender. both near tully and 680. that zone shows a slowdown. that needs relief toward 880. they are getting a later start. we'll see how it ripples back. into the area from the east bay, a smooth flow. and overall a smoother gentle build toward the maze. showing you as much as we can. approaching the maze, not a
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problem. we do have this slowdown west at 24, earlier crash sounds like everything is out of lanes but we have slowing approaching the kald cut tunnel. this is just before you get there. debris reported in the area. a second car has to be cleared. this is a distraction. we have the tri-valley build but that's standard. we'll look at the bay bridge toll plaza. a live shot shows you flashing lights approaching. no incidents at the toll plaza. we do see the flashing lights. this may be a tow truck that3u pulled another. we'll double-check and we see the traffic is moving though it's backing up. >> busy morning.ú thanks. >> 6:11. we'll tell you about a medical breakthrough against a desire that kills more than a half million people a year. we'll tell you when a malaria vaccine could be ready. >> new word of layoffs that
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could hit the valley. back in a minute. >> we're keeping our eye on breaking news out of texas in cairns county where an ail well explosion happened. at least one person has been air lifted to a medical facility. it continues to burn. we'll have the latest coming up.
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breaking news this morning. there has been a massive gas explosion in texas in the city of gillette in cairns county. these are live pictures from the scene. we know that at least one person has been injured, temporarily closed a highway as well. the blast happened a little after 5:00 a.m. this morning east of florsville. a man was flown for treatment this morning. but we've seen so many crews on the ground. it looks like some of the flames
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have subsided, we don't know what's going on underneath there. but a lot of smoke as they are having a tough time fighting this one. one that we're continuing to check in on as we see the conditions change. a gas explosion in cairns county, texas, injuring at least one person so far. >> we're following other top stories including san francisco police now calling the death of a baby very suspicious. the mother brought her 7-month-old to the hospital early this morning where that child sadly died. homicide investigators are now inside that baby's home in the glen park neighborhood. >> a health alert for people who eat foster farms chicken a. s salmonella outbreak linked to the chicken has sickened nearly 300 people, most in california. there is no recall but a warning to make sure you thoroughly cook the chicken and properly clean everything the raw meat touches. >> we're getting word of a plan for the world's first malaria
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vaccine. glaxosmithkline announcing this morning it will be seeking regulatory approval next year for this vaccine. in the trials the company says it has had the number of malaria cases inpblñ african children. also new, a big time congratulations to the nobel prize winners in physics announced an hour ago. they won this year's prize for predicting the way back in the 1960s the existence of a particle which wasn'ti)ç discod until this past spring. higsbottom is name affidavit peter higs. the particle is the key to explaining why elementary matter has mass, filling a gap in our understanding of the atom. that makes a lot of sense to me. the physics prize was delayed by
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an hour which is highly unusual but so far no word on what caused that delay. >> today a trial begins for five accused of participating in bernie madoff's ponzi scheme. all five defendants are madoff's former employees and they are all pleading not guilty. prosecutors say the five received big payouts to dupe regulators. he pleaded guilty, serving a 150 to-year sentence behind bars. madoff insisted he acted alone. 578 of his victims are from the bay area, according to a data base search. >> 6:17. the dow industrials, they will start the day under 15,000 after a triple digit loss. >> scott, some think that stocks haven't fallen far enough. >> that's right. no one wants stocks to fall unless you're selling short i suppose. some think that the stock market is doing too well, not
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reflecting the fear that many investors have that congress will fail to raise the debt ceiling. while the government shutdown is a concern it's default that has the world worried. were that to come we could be in uncharted territory as far as the stock market and the world economy. china reminding the u.s. of its responsibility, china holds the vast majority of our debt. the debt ceiling deals with money we already spent. expenditures authorized by congress, congress which is then reluctant to paynn for them. alka tell will lay uf 10,000 workers, it has a large presence in silicon valley. we don't know what effect the announcement will have here. the silicon valley company nest has a new product, a smoke detectors. it makes that smart thermostat.
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the new nest smoke detectors will detect carbon monoxide as well. the cost is about $125. i looked it up. at that price you could buy five run of the mill. these new ones have features, it will send a message to your phone. so if you get a motion from your phone, hour house is on fire. >> thank you very much. check the forecast meteorologist christina loren. you can feel it's a cool start. >> it certainly is. always want to remember that smoke detector and the batteries as we've seen many times smoke detectors save lives a. good looking day shaping up. distinguish air quality. plenty of 50s to go around. 52 in livermore. want to talk about your morning drive. if you are waking up in the south bay, san jose, comfortable conditions, 7:00 a.m., 57 degrees. pretty nice out there. we're going to see clear conditions for the most part all the way through the morning
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but as you make your way up the peninsula thiscó?(jjjt between 92 as you ma make your way north, you will encounter patchy fog so keep that in mind. once you get to san francisco, comfortable conditions. you make your way home from work at 68 degrees. so not a bad day in the city. temperatures are going to be nice and we do have changes to get through tomorrow. for today you'll probably notice a cooldown. we head throughout this afternoon you'll see clouds come in, high to mid level clouds, between 1 and 4:00i"qñ p.m. tomorrow maybe, just maybe, .1 inch of rain on the valley floor ñnch of rain on the valley floor you have the best shot down south tomorrow. then as we head through thursday, gradual clearing, mid-60s to low 70s. temperatures work like this. city by city, 81 in fairfield. 78 in napa. seven-day outlook tells the story. cool all the way through thursday, then start that warm-up friday into saturday.
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feeling very seasonal and it's looking like fall out there. it's a traffic tuesday. living up to its name. >> we're looking like your typical traffic tuesday. a nice clear view. no problems for visibility at the bay bridge. the good news, the only flashing lights at the bay bridge, they kept going and turned off the flashers so we lost them but traveling westbou[#g toward san francisco without interruption. there is the backup. the east shore freeway starts to show the build. coming into the upper fexts, the west 80 through workly out of richmond. here highway 24 a couple of issues, the earlier crash still activity there. old tunnel road and fantasia barrino fish ranch. also highway 13 at 24 there was a crash, clearly there was a problem at the connector but now it's cleared up as has the
6:22 am
slowing. the dumbarton bridge, watch the castro valley y, northbound 101, slowing at mckee because of a crash that cleared. the northbound 101 at 680 also another crash. that's on the shoulder but a distraction. >> thank you very much. it's 6:22. we continue to follow breaking news. we bring you live pictures, a gas explosion in cairns county. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week.
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news updating you on an oil well explosion near the city of gillette, texas in karnes county. a big time explosion happened about 5:00 a.m. local time. that means about 2:00 here. reports of one injury so far. that individual is being reportedly had been flown to a nearby hospital. no reports on how serious that injury is. firefighters there look like they are doing a pretty good job of getting this knocked down. we saw serious flames but looks like a great job of putting retardant on those flames in the oil right there that could really have burned out of control for a long time. hats off to the firefighters there knocking this one down. a big time oil well explosion now seems to be at least somewhat under control near the city of gillette, texas.
6:26 am
we'll give you information as we get it in. >> 6:25, happening now doctors are drilling into the president of argentina's skull to relieve pressure from a clot. it was found in her skull on saturday. it caused headaches but doctors made the decision to operate when she reported feeling numbness in her upper left arm. the clot is linked to a head injury that happened in mid august but president fernandez has not revealed how the blow to her head happened. so far no official announcement has been made about a potential transfer of power while she recovers. >> 6:26. we want to give you an update on heartbreaking news. a baby dies in a san francisco hospital overnight, and now doctors and police say this looks suspicious. we'll let you know what investigators are now saying about this tragic homicide investigation that is unfolding right now as we do this broadcast. >> an unexpected wake-up call
6:27 am
after a car crashes into the side of a building. new details from the scene coming up next. >> we'll update you on a salmonella outbreak in california spread to 18 other states. we'll have the latest on the well known chicken brand at the center of it all and what you can do to protect your health. that's coming up in a live report. >> very busy morning so let's take a little break. soak in this beautiful sunrise over the south bay. it's a cool start to our day. temperatures approaching the 70s later. we'll check win christina. she has a full look at the forecast. farmers presents: fifteen seconds of smart.
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so you want to drive more safely? stop eating. take deep breaths. avoid bad weather. [ whispers ] get eight hours. ♪ [ shouts over music ] turn it down! and, of course, talk to farmers. hi. hi. ♪ we are farmers bum - pa - dum, bum - bum - bum - bum ♪ a baby dies at a san francisco hospital. now this one is being investigated as a homicide. we have new details from the overnight tragedy coming up next. >> plus, is b.a.r.t. barreling toward a strike? the mixed message both sides are sending two days before the dee÷ li deadline for the deal. >> this is live in the new york stock exchange as they get set to ring things in.
6:30 am
the numbers with the government shutdown happening as we jump over to the nasdaq for the young ones, the joyful enthusiasm.ct,ñ getting things going. there it is. on this tuesday, october 8, this is "today in the bay." >> 6:30. thanks for joining us. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. we're going to take you back to breaking news that we're covering in texas this morning where there has been an oil well explosion in the city of gillette in karnes county. over the last half hour we have seen it go from flames leaping from the oil wells there, to now a lot of smoke and now a lot of that has dissipated. what has happened is that one person we know has been
6:31 am
transferred via helicopter, their injuries unknown so far. it broke out a little before 5:00 a.m. this morning. we're keeping tabs on what's going on there. we don't know of other injuries right now but they had a tough time fighting that. looks like firefighters have it finally at least closer to being under control. >> great work by the firefighters there. also we can tell you closer to home san francisco police are now talking to the mother of a baby who died at a san francisco general hospital overnight. the child was brought to the emergency room just after midnight. the medical examiner right now calling this death, quote, suspicious. >> we are waiting for firefighters to tell us if the driver of a car that went over the twin peaks vista early this morning made it out alive. the car went over around 4:30. it started a small grass fire before coming to a rest near the reservoir below. >> police in san jose say a drowsy driver they call this a drowsy driver drove into the side of an apartment building.
6:32 am
this happened in the cambria neighborhood early this morning. they say the driver fell asleep behind the wheel near hillside. the truck he was driving went into another car before slamming into gas meters and eventually the side of that apartment building. good news here, despite the drowsy driver nobody was hurt. >> 6:32. new details about a salmonella outbreak centered here in california that is now spread to hundreds of people in oregon, washington and 15 other states. >> that now has an alert in effect for raw chicken packaged at three foster farm facilities in central california. we should point out a formal recall is not in place but still you need to be very conscious of what's going on here. marla tellez joining us with more details on this. >> at this point this is just considered a public health alert though the usda says it is prepared to take action so a recall is not out of the
6:33 am
question. check your chicken. if you have foster farm products right now, look at the packaging and if it is marked to have one of these combinations your best bet is throw it away. they are on the screen. the last line. they are p6137, p6137a, and p7632. we have listed this information on our website so in case you missed that you can log on any time to and search foster farms. an estimated 278 illnesses have been reported recently in 18 states, though most of the sickened are in california."q-w department of health and the spokesperson tells us about 200 cases have been reported here, she could not say where specifically or which stores are selling the chicken. the foster farms website says its chicken is safe to consume if properly handled and fully cooked. fully cooked means 165 degrees inside so if you're not sure it
6:34 am
does not hurt to break out that thermometer and make sure your chicken reaches that 165 degrees. salmonella can be deadly so you don't want to take chance you think you have been infected if you havenn severe cramps, diarrh diarrhea, a fever within 72 hours you need to get to a doctor immediately. i do want to point out some good news. we just actually got a call from a viewer in santa clara. she says she purchased foster farms chicken from costco and it does have one of those numbers on it and she has been cooking it and feeding it to her family. everyone is -- >> they haven't been sick. >> no. >> good morning, though, because it's in our wear. >> i would still suggest throwing it1) away. >> absolutely. common sense. >> thank you very much. thanks for that viewer as well. appreciate hearing from you. also talking about b.a.r.t. this morning, there is still no deal but no strike plans as well. b.a.r.t. and its unions will resume talks in a few hours.
6:35 am
the deadline is looming. the cooling off ordered by governor brown ends thursday night. the unions say they don't plan to strike friday. they are still fighting over pay and benefits. >> 6:35. let's get a check on the weather. you know what, we're one day closer to the weekend. it's going to be a beautiful one. >> i like the way you think. good morning to you, jon and laura. good morning to you at home a. sky as the sun starts to makef+& appearance we're going to have to wait for a half hour for sunrise when it comes up above the horse. looking good across the board. sanl bruno now, overlooking the bay, just spectacular start. mostly clear but we do have coastal fog out there that you can't see from our live pictures right now. keep that in mind. you might encounter deep pockets toward the airport and san francisco. once you get in the city, clear, 54 degrees in sonoma.
6:36 am
petaluma down to 41, close to the upper 30s. we're getting into that time of year. you'll need a sweater or jacket this morning. something you can peel off by lunch time. at 72 inland at noon, 79 in the heat of the day bayside. and 70 at the coast. we're talking showers later on as we head through tomorrow and especially if you live in the south bay so that's coming up in the next report. i'm going to show you where we expect the showers and how much rain is on the way. you might not be impressed but still, it's worth showing you. let's check on your drive. the way he's dressed i saw a tweet about that. someone is digging your duds. >> impressed. this is not a clip-on. i tied this tie. not always the case. looking here toward the south bay where we do see traffic flowing. sort of clusters up and clears. the distraction on the shoulder you see on the center divide. we still have one car remaining from the earlier crash at the
6:37 am
scene. let's look at the map. we'll see the south bay easing in but we expect it heave to kick in starting now because some of the schools off last week so they are back in session so we'll have more commuters again through the san jose city streets as well as northbound from the commute on the freeways and we see the slowdowng as you approach capital expressway, tully, that's where the earlier scene. 101gixñ northbound, but it's ge now through fremont, southbound 880 and 680 into the south bay. not a major concern. a typical build for theo-6 tri-valley into the value. traffic across the bay bridge and across the golden gate bridge. a live look outside at the fremont area, for the volume of traffic you saw the speed sensors were not a problem but a lot of company. farther north look at oakland, 880 picks up north to the coliseum and the toll plaza with the taillights, the headlights look at all of the southbound commuters heading to the san mateo bridge. a quick look at the bay bridge toll plaza, all of your lanes
6:38 am
area/; backing up. we lost that camera. >> thank you very much. a lot of people up and at 'em. out to sea, to interrogate a bombing suspect. which war ship is being held on and how apple computer is factoring into the terror charges he now faces.
6:39 am
6:40 am
6:40 this morning u.s.
6:41 am
interrogators on the way to a u.s. war ship to question a libyan terror suspect. abu alliby is held in military custody on board the áçuss san antonio. in the mediterranean. u.s. forces captured imin tripoli. he is expected of taking part in the bombings of u.s. embassies in kenya and tanzania, accused of using an early generation apple computer to come up with surveillance photos in nairobi ahead of the bombings. that information was then presented to osama bin laden who approved the bombing. >> coming up we have an 1eñupda. a baby dies in a san francisco hospital. %vm!"uái is suspicious.saying we're live with new details on this story on the heartbreaking investigation coming up ahead. >> two homes up in flames. new details from the fire fight
6:42 am
in the seaside town neck. >> we take you back down to texas, an oil well has exploded. you can see now it looks like they knocked this one down. seems to be smooth going. the fire, the intense fire was really burning strongly about an hour ago. firefighters on there with flame retardants. details coming up.
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6:44 am
news that we continue to follow all morning long. there has been an oil well explosion in the city of gillette, texas. that's in karnes county. it happened just before 5:00 a.m. these are live pictures from the scene. it has died down as crews have been attacking it from all angles. i want to show you earlier
6:45 am
pictures where the flames were bursting out of some of those oil wells and the smoke could be seen for miles. we know at least one person was taken to a nearby medical center, flown there, in fact. that person's condition is unknown right now. we did hear as well that a dispatcher said that several batteries and diesel trucks exploded as well. we continue to watch, oil well explosion in gillette, texas. >> we have have a sad story.fl% homicide investigators looking into the death of a baby in san francisco. christie smith is live in the glen park neighborhood and she has all of the latest details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to  you, jon. right now two san francisco police officers are in the lower unit of this home here on monterey boulevard, securing it until investigators arrive. they are at the hospital speaking with the mom after she
6:46 am
brought a 7-month-old baby to san francisco general hospital about 12:30 this morning and the baby died there. the medical examiner stepped in and determined that this death was suspicious. a 7-month-old baby, they haven't said if this is a boy or girl or how the baby died. homicide investigators are there, and the two officers here at the home securing things. they have been coming and going but we haven't seen them bring anything out. i did speak with one neighbor who tells me there are actually two families who live in this home here, one of them has a baby and they have only recently moved into the unit in the last couple of months but he didn't see anything unusual going on here. that's the latest. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> heartbreaking out there. thank you. more breaking news to tell you about this morning. this time san francisco's twin
6:47 am
peaks neighborhood, a report of a car that went over the side of that famous vista. our chopper there over the scene brought us these pictures. san francisco fire telling us the car went over the side just before 4:30 this morning, ended up near the twin peaks reservoir. emergency crews say the incident sparked a small crass fire that was quickly put out. at this point we're not sure if anybody was hurt. we have asked firefighters at the scene if the driver was able to make it out of the car. all they could tell us at this point is that it's too soon to tell. >> live outside this morning, a crisp, cool start and a beautiful sun rise. that's a live look over the south bay in san jose. checking in with meteorologist christina loren. she has a look at our warm-up. >> yeah, it's going to be a nice afternoon. we'll rebound nicely from where we are now. temperatures are going to stay steady but we're going to be running cooler than where we ended up yesterday.
6:48 am
but the difference between right now and later on today, you'll walk out the front door close to the upper 30s, up in the north bay. it's going to be chilly. when you walk back through the door after a successful day's work temperatures will be perfe perfect. so taking a live look, mostly clear conditions over the bay bridge. gorgeous conditions here. temperatures are chilly, look at novato, 41 degrees. same for petaluma. throughout the day you'll see those numbers start to warm by 10:00 a.m. for instance in san jose we'll jump to 54 degrees where we are now into the mid-60s as you break for lunch. this area of low pressure just to our north is going to usher in a cooler day overall. we are expecting light showers as we head through tomorrow. let's talk about that and take it to your futurecast. i want to stop the clock as we head through tomorrow morning you'll notice the showers up from the south. that's the way the system is going to work as it tracks to the south, it slowly is going to
6:49 am
see a little bit of where it sidles down the coast but offshore and moves back up. so it's an interesting weather system. that means if you do live in the south bay you've got the best chance of seeing sprinkles as we wake up tomorrow. we're not expecting a lot of activity but we're picking that up on most of our futurecasts. ÷ though, areas norh of the golden gate bridge so one of those opposite effects we see here. and the whole thing blows out of here into the lake tahoe region throughout the second half of the day into the overnight. this is going to purify our air quality. also talking about temperatures not dropping off that much so staying nice and moderate as we head through the next few days. 73 in fremont, 75 today in san jose. 77 degrees in santa teresa. in detroit, where the a's only have one more game to win to advance in the playoffs, going to be nice out there. game starts our time 2:00 p.m. 64 degrees the first pitch down
6:50 am
to 62 by the fifth inning. whether or not coming into play, light winds, they are going to be blowing in the direction of home plate, though. so those winds in the face of the batters. could get thering out there. into wednesday and thursday, temperatures comfortable and they will climb. so mike, you had quite a traffic tuesday so far. is it calming down? >> it's calming down but like you said traffic tuesday, everybody else now heading to the road so we'll see how this plays out. here is the south bay. speeds in the 50s heading up to saratoga. we're focusing on this areasgçç san jose. 280 shows the slowdown. 87 into downtown and 101 as well. the earlier crash has cleared at 680. now we have a little bit of a slower flow up to san jose international airport. there we go for the south bay. the tri-valley, your build for 580, 680 southbound went from the yellow to the orange as you
6:51 am
travel through pleasanton. highway 84 cutting down over. a smooth drive, slowingjñ typic around red wood rode, toward 880 south toward the san mateo and the dumbarton bridges. the san mateo bridge here you see the sun coming up. we do have a lot of company but still in the 50s across the bridge. no incidents. we see traffic flowing, northbound from willow up toward san mateo. and counsel down to peninsula we're seeing the volume start to build. as the sun comes up the road work, it's tough to see and another reason people slow down. >> thank you so much. new this morning investigators in santa cruz county looking into the cause of a destructive overnight fire. look at these pictures soon after the flames broke out about
6:52 am
1 chon 15 this morning on the hills above aptos. crews had to evacuate homes within two blocks for fear of flames spreading. luckily no one was hurt. >> happening now, people living in a normally quiet san jose neighborhood getting a wild wake-up call a. truck smashing right into the side of their apartment building. bob redell is live at the scene. this appears to be a case of literally sleeping at the wheel. >> reporter: unfortunately yes. what is remarkable is no one was hurt at this apartment building in san jose, this building did not catch fire because when the driver of this pickup truck crashed it did hit the gas meters, causing them to spring a leak. you could snell gas in these
6:53 am
apartments. the people who live here including a mother and her children were able to get out okay. pg&e was able to shut the gas off. the driver of a jay drains rotor rueter service truck was coming down camden when he fell asleep causing his foot to hit the gas. his truck hit two parked cars and street sign before i)çu-tug into the building. one man tells us this is the third time his car has been hit here. the fifth time he's seen an accident that the intersection. >> no, i do not think it's coincidence at all. i talked to police. they shed is a bad area. people go real fast around this turn and it's always late at night so a couple times they are drinking, tiresed, not paying attention and they lose it on this turn. >> reporter: police did take the driver of the pickup truck away in a squad car. he is not in custody. they do not expect to arrest him. they don't expect him to face
6:54 am
charges because they believe he did fall asleep and that this was an accident. reporting live, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> the search is on for a mastermind of a major drug ring. sheriff deputy sas 22-year-old jose jimenez ran the drug ring out of his home near story and white roads. detectives seized $825,000 in cash, two loaded handguns and nearly 30 pounds of crystal meth, cocaine and heroin. one man was arrested but jimenez was not home at the time of the raid. they are looking into whether the operation was connected to one of the mexican drug cartels. the street value of all of the drugs -- $1.1 million. >> a former police officer in court facing charges of extortion, police arrested him after a woman comes forward
6:55 am
saying he questioned her about with possible forged prescriptions and then allegedly demanded money from her. he grew up in hayward and handed in his resignation yesterday. the police chief says her department has a zero tolerance for corruption. >> fireworks may be to blame for a fire on sunday. the fire burned grass and trees next to where it enters the tunnel. firefighters responded from the treasure island station just down the road but it sounds simpler than it was. >> water is a problem. the nearest high zrant over 1,000 feet away. we're not set up for this. this is like a wild fire fighting circumstance. that requires different cloth g clothing, hose line. >> crews used a fire boat to spray water on the hot spots. they are now making the proper
6:56 am
adjustments in case of a future fire on the island but they haven't said what they will change. fireworks may have sparked the fire but so far they have not released an official cause. >> going hand in hand with the shutdown now nine days until the government defaults. >> you talk of radical ways to avoid it. >> suspending social security checks to make interest payment. congress doesn't raise the debt sealing. wall street watching this, already unhappy with the government shut down. default would bring us into unchartered financial territories. dow down about 28 points. the associated press reporting senate majority leader harry reid will propose a stand alone bill to increase the debt ceiling that might force a republican filibuster. republicans want debt reduction as part of a deal or talks,
6:57 am
entirely separate from talks to reopen the government.51 hewlett-packard announced the latest book. they are super inexpensive, the latest chromebook 11 will cost you less than $280. >> there you go. don't have to wait. >> not at all. >> let's get a final check with our tuesday forecast. >> good morning to you, jon, laura. we have a good looking day especially if you have outdoor plans, work outdoors, so 79 degrees inland. bay side 74. at the coast 70 degrees so we're not seeing major separation in our inland temp versus those at the coast. we have a storm system headed that way. i'm with you all the way to 11:30.2h9 let's take your drive with mike. >> the south bay we see that
6:58 am
kicking in. 85 soaring itself out. more are heading up 87. that's the concern. slows from capital to kertner where we see bogging down and north around kay la's into downtown. a couple of issues could bey4# problem. keep that in mind if that is your route. also smooth for the san mateo and dumbarton bridges. we'll get a quick lookda to sho you how things are shaping up down the berkeley curve. no problem here and the maze moves smoothly. things dog down to the toll plaza. >> thanks, mike. a final check of the top stories. right now san francisco police are talking to the mother after baby who died at san francisco general hospital overnight. the child was brought to the emergency room after midnight. the medical examiner is calling the death suspicious. >> the pilots 18 crash are
6:59 am
blaming mechanical problems. according to wall street journal, ntsb investigators say they have not found mechanical or electric problems with the plain. the company to hold a public +ár'g. pany to hold a public >> two have been awarded the nobel prize in prison. he won for predicting the existence of the god partial, the particle is key to explaining why elementary water has maps filling a crucial gap. >> gillette, texas a big scene. one person injured as an oil rig explodes. this is about 15 miles southeast of san antonio. that person was air lifted to a hospital. condition. we'll keep you updated as we have more information coming in. >> a very busy morning.?;
7:00 am
(musica) . good morning, outrage, the government shutdown now preventing the family was fallen soldiers from collecting death benefits. as the country moves ever closer to an unprecedented default. up until air, a court hearing for the 9-year-old boy who snuck on to a flight. his future remains uncertain as new questions surface about his past brushes with the law. and turning the tables, a would-be robbery is confronted with a weapon. and police are calling this exactly not to do today. tuesday, october 8th, 2013.


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